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    online job at home

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    online job at home

    Post by mehrou12 on Mon Nov 15, 2010 2:57 pm

    [b]What else does the tool do ? (ID 18312)[/b]

    It will notify advertisers who have paid but not yet prepared their ad if it is about to
    be due. Conversely it will notify them when their ad has expired, with an optional
    reminder about re-advertising.

    It will provide stats for you on the total advertising income split among Gold, Silver
    and Featured ads.

    It will provide stats about payments and ads submitted for each advertiser. There
    is an export feature if you want to do further analysis, for example to find your best
    advertisers. And you can even ban an advertiser from accessing the system.

    It will use your own default ads if a paid ad is not available

    It will notify you optionally of any ad placement or ad change

    A MAJOR feature: you can issue free coupons for ads of any type or duration. (A
    coupon is a great marketing tactic, use it as a reward, bonus, sales incentive or in
    many other ways)

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