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    Post by Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:24 am

    Rule 1: No Spamming

    Don't try it, if you get caught you get WARNING and if you continue to spam you get a 5 DAY BAN.

    Rule 2: No Offensive Language
    You will get WARNING at first and if it continues you get a 5 DAY BAN.

    Rule 3: No Harrassment
    If you are caught harrassing another staff member/player you will be WARNED, if it continues you get a 5 DAY MUTE.

    Rule 4: No Porn

    The first offense is an IP BAN.

    Rule 5: No Racism
    Like I said before just don't do it or you'll be BANNED FOR 5 DAYS.

    Rule 6: No Plagiarism
    If you steal someone else's work you will be BANNED FOR 5 DAYS the first offense, and an IP BAN the second.

    Rule 7: No Multiple Posting
    Please post everything you want others to know in one post, don't spam and post multiple posts. (Could result in a 5 day forum BAN)

    Rule 8: No Posting on an old topic/Gravedigging
    Theres no point in posting on an old topic, It will result in WARNING, if it happens again you will recieve a 5 Day Ban.

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